Cyan HQ

The black cube-shaped Cyan Racing headquarters was completed in 2017 via a cooperation with the renowned Swedish architecture office Liljewall, hosting the entire operations of the company, including the motorsport world championship programme with Lynk & Co and the engineering and build process of the Volvo P1800 Cyan.

The three-story facilities span over 6000 square metres, including an F1-standard simulator, showrooms, chassis and engine manufacturing, a fully dynamic engine dyno and design offices.

The interior is graphically black and white, creating a back-scene for the protagonists, the eye-catching cyan blue racing and performance cars, to stand out.

The materials are glass, perforated naturally anodized aluminium and tasteful elements of wood. The wood can for example be found in the dining facilities where the material adds warmth to the otherwise strict architecture.

"We have always said that we are a black and white company with blue cars' and that set the base for our HQ," said Christian Dahl.

"The journey from the first design sketch on a napkin with the architect Bjarni Ingvarson at my kitchen table to the finished building was just as fun as it was challenging and satisfying."

The headquarters was nominated to the Swedish architecture prize "The Gold Chair" in 2021 and reached the final round of the vote with the following motivation of the jury:

"At 300km/h, nothing can go wrong; a technical brilliance and rigor that is reflected in every single material meeting, every furniture choice, every white conference room and every single black simulator room in this tweezers puzzle science fiction interior.

"An almost unreal environment, stripped down and robotic, with the character of a high-tech laboratory rather than a head office.

"The monochrome spaces give a cinematic expression that rarely, if ever, is carried out with the same consequence in Sweden - only the cyan-blue luster of the race cars is allowed to contrast, even the workshop is chalk white.

"A well-oiled machine where the aerodynamic speed wonders are the hub of everything. Here, interior design is about maximizing speed and minimizing risks. This is about winning."

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Photos: Carl Ander, Kalle Sanner and Dejan Sokolovski